We offer lodging all year round. Our provide two rooms: a double room and a family room. Every room has a bathroom, a washing machine, a TV set, the wireless Internet access. Our guests have at their disposal a separate fully-equipped kitchen with a fridge, an oven and a cooker, dishes etc. They may also enjoy canoeing, bonfire/barbecue, a fish pond, a pier, a playground and bikes free of charge. We guarantee peace and security.

If interested please call us. We advice booking the lodging in advance.

Adults – 70 PLN / 24 hours
Children under 7 – 35 PLN / 24hours

If the stay is longer than 3 days:
Adults – 60 PLN / 24hours
Children under 7 – 30 PLN / 24hours

A fully-equipped kitchen


A double room with a bathroom


A family room with a bathroom




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