The farm is situated in an ecologically clear area of Poland. A long tradition of growing blackcurrant by our family gave excellent productive effects and taste values. Ecological way of growing, although very demanding and laborious,  caused that animals which had vanished due to chemical cultivation came back to our fields and meadows.  A certificate in accordance with EU organic regulations confirms that our fruit do not contain any harmful pesticides.

It is good to know how valuable blackcurrant is. It contains from 40 to 400mg vitamin C which is accompanied by vitamin P (citrin) which makes absorption of vitamin C amount almost 100%. Additionally, blackcurrant has vitamin K which is recommended by traditional medicine as a remedy for rheumatism. Wounds (especially varicose veins) are treated with dressings made from fruit and leaves. It has plenty of rare microelements such as boron, iodine, organic acids, pectins (jelly solidification).

Contemporary medicine uses blackcurrant in phytotherapy (fibrositis,arteriosclerosis, bladder infections, stomach disorder, diarrhoea, colics, heart disorder and migraine). Our guests have a chance to try the blackcurrant juice made in a traditional way.
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